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Colombian Dating: Are Latin Women Being Divas?

Colombian women come off as very determined Latinas with a clear idea of what they want from life. This sometimes appalls potential foreign men, while also attracting even more.

Benny embarked on his Colombian dating tour and wishes to educate other American men about his Latin dating experiences. After waiting 10 years to finally visit Colombia, Benny found out first hand what Latinas are like.

As someone who had always been interested in Latin culture, deciding to travel solo to Colombia was easy to imagine but took several years to execute. Captivated by Cartagena’s stunning beaches and vibrant city, Benny experienced an overall sense of awe while dating Colombian women during his stay.

However, it wasn't just the scenery that caught Benny’s attention. Benny was also captivated by Colombian women and embarked on a dating journey searching for a potential match with help of local Cartagena matchmakers.

In his experience, Colombianas were warm, welcoming, and incredibly feminine. Latinas were unlike any American women he had previously dated in the States. None of the Colombian girls he chose to date exhibited any negative personality traits, instead coming off as warmly feminine. Benny’s solo travel introduced him to many single Latinas who were serious about finding a long-term partner with old-fashioned values.

Despite the initial reservations that he had about dating Latina women, Benny found that the stigma surrounding Colombia was quickly dispelled and wished he had embraced the passport bro lifestyle earlier because he waited 10 years to experience dating Colombian women for himself. Every penny he spent was worth it.

One of the biggest takeaways from the tour was the importance of leaving his preconceived notions about Cartagena behind. Benny learned that he had to leave his mindset in the United States and embrace Colombia’s culture during his solo trip. He found that Colombia was a safe place to learn about foreign cultures, meet amazing women who also dream of lasting connections and just be himself.

As foreign men want to explore their international dating opportunities, it's important to leave your mindset where you came from when forging a path alongside passport bros. You’re in a safe place to learn about South American culture and ultimately, meet your future Latina bride.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
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