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How Not to Mess Up Your Relationship With a Latina Woman

two alcoholic glasses in a bar Dating a Latina for the first time may be better in a bar gd gdg

First dates are all about making good impressions, but you can’t help but feel the jitters to your bones. Dating a Latina might even be more nerve-wracking. Most of these women are exceptionally gorgeous, confident, and carefree. But whether you’ve met them before or have just barely known each other online, you’d surely want to know how to get a Latina fall in love with you on the first date or the next.

So you’re in it for the first date with hot Latin women and you decided it would be better to kick it off in a bar and have some shots for two. You know that restaurants or activity-filled first dates would end up costly yet with less knowledge about each other. Getting moderate shots of cold adult beverages in a bar would ease up your nerves, which means you’d likely end up getting to know each other in a better way.

There are proper rituals for imbibing, especially while you are trying to impress on the first date. Here are do’s and don’ts of drinking while dating a Latina so you’d at least get a second date:

  • Ask her first
  • Your beautiful Latina date may or may not drink. Before even choosing the venue, ask if she drinks, and if she does, where she wants it. She may be fond of a mixology spot, a dive bar, or a great jukebox. Maybe she has specific preferences of alcoholic drinks like an allergy to wheat, in which case, you should avoid beer. She may also be a wine lover, so study the wine menus before asking her out. This is a great way to ascertain her drink preferences, but in case she flat out says that she doesn’t drink, accept her decision. Either way, asking for her opinion gives off gentlemen points to you rather than asking her out to a bar without clarifying that you plan to drink.

  • Don’t drink before the date
  • With all the first date jitters, it may be very tempting to calm your nerves by drinking beforehand. However, drinking a shot of martini or three may turn the tables from your advantage to the other way around. Heading out to meet a hot Latina with a reeking breath of alcohol may suggest that you’re not taking the date seriously. Every little thing that you do counts and this time, it‘s easier to create a reputation than to erase one. You don’t want to be that first date guy in her memory with a constant, annoying blabber about work and his pet dog.

  • Things to consider when ordering
  • Traditionally, there are some kinds of beverages ordered at a specific time. For lunch, brunch, happy hour, or dinner, each calls for a different type of drink. To make sure you ordered the right one at a specific time of the day, look at what the other customers are ordering or what your date orders. For happy hours, beer and wine are more appropriate while lunch is best without alcohol. If the bar offers specials on particular drinks, give it a shot or if you are in a whiskey bar and they offer a signature cocktail, take an order or two. This might sound embracing your wild side but this also shows that you’re willing to get along the vibes of the environment.

  • Don’t take her for bottomless or BYOB
  • Never take her out for a bottomless and worse, a BYOB. For a guy to make the first date a “bring your own bottle” speaks for himself as cheap. Your goal for the first date is to make the best first impressions, remember? Make her feel that she deserves a treat to a resto bar’s finest cocktail offer or a restaurant’s best buttery chardonnay. Refrain from bringing two bottles for each, too, except when she says you should. Bringing two large bottles of wine for you and your date may make her feel that you think she wouldn’t be interesting enough when sober. Skip the bottomless, cheap beverages, and BYOB’s and save them for more stable relationships.

  • Pair your drinks with food
  • You don’t have to take her out on a three-course meal but you only have to show a little bit of your gentleman side and order some light bites. Nothing but a little coat of food in your stomach can prevent you from getting drunk too fast. Plus, it’s just a little penny spent so you wouldn’t have to regret it when you don’t click.

  • Do not wave your money to the bartender
  • If you’ve run out of drinks and the bar is getting crowded, do not ever try to get the bartender’s attention by waving your money at them. Your date is closely looking at your manners, and with that, you just got to the quickest way of being seen as a douchebag. When taking your order, be patient in waiting for the bartender to look at your way so you can make eye contact in which they'll know you’re waiting to be served. Tip well, too.

  • Don’t get flat-out drunk
  • Alcohol is there to lessen the possible awkwardness and anxiety but not to completely lose your inhibitions. Avoid drinking sprees, so you can just order rounds up to three. Two rounds commonly get the best report from daters getting a second date. The rule of the thumb is this: the first drink is customary, the second drink can be used to feel your date out a bit more, but the third drink and beyond is reserved for someone you're definitely into so if you don’t want to send mixed signals, end the date right away. Also, your date wouldn’t want to compromise her safety and well-being when she thinks that your best self is alcoholic. It would be normal for her to assume of you that way, as of course, she wouldn’t settle with remorse.

  • Keep safe going home
  • Regardless of your drink choices, remember to keep safe going home. There may be instances that your drink is stronger than what you expect. However, in dating a Mexican woman, you need to also keep Mexican dating culture in mind—that is, to be a gentleman. If you can’t drive her to her home, then make sure you have a backup plan for getting her home safe.

You need to exercise control over yourself, especially on the first time dating a Latina and when your favorite drink is on the table. Remember, it’s always better to maintain much of your sanity so you can keep on impressing your date to a great man that you are. Keep it light and see if it works.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 1 February, 2023 - Tuesday, 7 February, 2023
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