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Signs Latina Women Are NOT Into You

a disinterested Latin woman Don’t stay in the vague lines. Know thoroughly whether your Latina women dates are into you or not.

It’s easy to be more engrossed in the thought of making Latina women fall for you that you’d rather want to know if she likes you than the other way around. How Latinas treat their man, especially if they’re really into someone, could be very incredible.

Hot Latina women do know how to make you fall in love. They’re beautiful, confident, and are really the types to reckon with. If you’re dating a Latina woman, good for you. However, you also have to note that dating could be like a toss coin.

One side says she likes you while the other says she doesn’t. Nobody wants to be rejected, right? But part of the dating process is having to deal with either acceptance or rejection.

Nobody wants their pride poked at. Either you’re told straight to the face or ghosted, it’s going to be handling the thought of rejection that will hurt. If you’re an average man, you’ll dwell on that but if you seek to be extraordinary, you’ll respect the woman’s decision and go on with life.

Anyways, you choose your own battles. If you still chase after her when she flat-out says no, you might even garner worse reputations. You’ll tend to look socially inept and worse, sound creepy.

Maybe you’ve already scoured through the internet about how to tell if a Latina girl likes you because she’s not saying anything about you yet. However, if your gut says she really doesn’t like you, there may be something to it. Well, here are just some of the signs that your gut feels say right and that it’s time for you to move on with another girl:

  • She doesn’t go beyond the “touch barrier.”
  • One thing to look out for is if she’s comfortable with you, in which she’ll be breaking the touch barrier as well. To show that she likes being close to you or that she likes you, a beautiful Latina will not mind touching you in an inviting way, such as in your arm, shoulder, or knee.

    This also means that if she holds herself back from touching you or she doesn’t even do a thing to impress you at all, it’s clear that she doesn’t want you as more than a friend.

    Her lack of interest may not mean shyness. When she simply doesn’t like you, she’ll be disinterested and not nervous around you. With a shy girl, you’ll sense it when she shows signs of tension and timidity. When a shy girl likes you and thinks about touching you, she’ll avert her eyes or pretend to be doing something else.

  • Her body language tends to be on guard.
  • A beautiful Latina, just like any other woman, says a lot through her body language. Of course, she may not always tell it outright that she’s not just into you or that she’s sorry. Her body language will say most of it whether she wants you close or to go away.

    A girl is showing that she’d rather be somewhere else than with you through some classic body-language signs such as hiding her hands, folded arms, pointing of feet to anywhere else but you, pulling away from you or giving a wide berth in between.

  • You alone make the effort to go to her.
  • It may be true that she’s always busy but when it’s only you that makes all the effort and shows excitement when meeting her, then it means you’re not the priority of this hot Latina and that she doesn’t really care that much about your time. Come to think of it, when she really is that eager to see you, then she’ll be doing whatever it takes to spend time with you no matter how busy she is.

  • She’s fickle about your meet-up plans.
  • Things can always change from time to time and so is her mind. When a girl doesn’t feel you at all, she may cancel your plans or reschedule them. When changes plans, don’t think that she doesn’t like you right away. One flat-out sign is bailing on you at the last minute.

  • She doesn’t contribute anything to the conversation.
  • Even the shyest girl would always make a way to break the ice and keep the conversation going to be on the same page with you. However, if she really doesn’t make any efforts to offer anything to the conversation, awkward as it is, it really just shows that she doesn’t care if the conversation goes anywhere. Otherwise, she’ll ask you questions to satisfy her curiosity.

  • She can’t stop checking her phone.
  • For all you know, when she really is having fun talking to and flirting with you, then she’d always choose your conversation rather than checking her phone. Eagerly checking notifications in her phone than tuning into your conversation is a downright sign.

  • She sounds bored.
  • Yes, she seems disinterested in adding to your conversation and she constantly checks on her phone. Overall, she will seem less than enthusiastic. She’ll even be more obvious when she gives you short and quick answers. When she’s not bored, she’ll give more to the conversation, of course, and may subconsciously speak faster and louder.

  • She seems like faking a smile.
  • You see, a real smile only differs from a fake one just for the presence of crows feet, which is that small wrinkles in the corner of the eyes. When she curves her lips up with that, there’s a good chance she’s genuinely smiling at you. However, without lighting her eyes up when smiling, it could really mean she’s just being polite.

  • She looks anywhere but not your eyes.
  • Just as she subconsciously points her feet anywhere but not toward you, her eyes will do, too, intentionally. If she knows that you’re there and doesn’t seem to want to look at you, it’s a clear sign that you need to start looking elsewhere too.

    She knows that her eyes are the window to her soul and that you’re trying to reach her through them. Averting her eyes won’t do as well, for as she may already be aware that you’re into her. If that happens, then you know better but move on like it’s not a big deal.

Dating Latina women could be very exciting and challenging. Crossing fingers for your luck!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 1 February, 2023 - Tuesday, 7 February, 2023
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