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9 Cardinal Rules in Dating a Latina

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A Latina woman will make your life more interesting.

Latin women are among the most coveted and highly sought-after women in the world. With their stunning physiques, pleasing personality, and their overall demeanor, men naturally find them irresistible.

That’s why a number of men choose to be married to a Latina.

But just like any romantic endeavor, dating a Latina is not always rainbows and butterflies. It comes with its fair share of setbacks and pitfalls. In order to be on their good side, you just need to keep these cardinal rules in mind:

1. Make the first move

Latinas expect men to take the initiative. They may be straightforward, and affectionate, and they may sometimes give hints that they like you, but they want men to take the first step towards the next stage of the relationship.

They’ll show you that they care but they will also give you enough space to make your move. When in a relationship, they still expect men to make decisions and they will give their full support.

But while they want you to be decisive, avoid being too aggressive. They don’t like men that are too arrogant and overconfident.

They want you to take things at the right pace, and of course, they want you to pursue them in a gentlemanly manner.

And while they want you to make the first move, try not to be overly direct. They still want to be thrilled and flirted with. You can slowly give them hints before you finally make your first move. It gives them more surprise when you do it this way.

2. Be the alpha male

It’s kind of paradoxical to say that Latinas refuse to be dominated yet they expect their man to be the alpha in the relationship. This has everything to do with traditional gender roles that are still very much practiced in Latin American culture. Having been raised in a gender-normative household, it’s not surprising why Latinas look for a man who can hold and pull his own weight.

Latin American societies have been largely patriarchal. As a result, Latina women tend to put their fathers on a pedestal which, in turn, influences their preference and taste in men.

The bottom line of this is that they want their partners to be Alpha males because they want men to take the lead role in their relationships. They want men to make the final decisions for important matters in their relationship. However, they don’t want men to be overbearing.

3. Be understanding and patient

As outspoken and strong-willed women, Latinas tend to speak their minds. That can definitely test your patience, but you do need to understand that that is how they are.

Try your best not to lose your cool and listen to what they have to say. You might even learn something from them. It might even be an opportunity to connect better and grow more intimate with her.

Latina women also take a generous amount of time to get ready. If she says she’ll be ready by seven, she means 8:30. However, the wait would be worth it. Expect her to step out of that door looking drop-dead gorgeous because Latinas always dress to kill.

A picture of a caucasian man kissing a Latina woman at the beach.
Be confident, decisive, and a gentleman. 3 simple steps to making her fall for you.

4. Take the time to get to know her

As cliché as it may sound, getting to know her is possibly the best way to keep the relationship alive. This would help you open up and get you adjusted to her ways, her personality, and her culture.

Get to know her flaws and her weaknesses. This will let you know how you can compliment her and fill in her shortcomings. Relationships are about filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle. In the case of Latinas, once she knows that you are trying your best to work things out in the relationship, she will give you her utmost love and loyalty.

However, the whole process of getting to know her deeper takes a lot of time, but it all depends on the woman. Whether she’s ready to talk about certain things about her or just needs more time.

Don’t rush her. As your relationship moves forward, just show her that you are always ready to know more about her life and who she really is.

5. Win the Hearts of her Family

When things eventually get serious between the two of you, the time will come when she will take you to meet her family. You should expect that this will soon happen because Latinas deeply value the opinion of their family. In other words, the moment that she lets you meet her family is the time that you try to win their hearts.

You don’t have to be anxious about this, they already know about you. All they want is to meet you in person. Once they approve of you, they’ll expect to see a lot more of you.

Spending time with her together with her family is a way to win their hearts as well. Don’t worry about trying to awkwardly fit into a stern and serious family event. Their family gatherings are usually full of games and overflowing with food and drinks. Just don’t decline when they offer you a snack or a beer.

Plus they don’t just do it once a year. They gather during important events like birthdays, weddings, and even anniversaries. So focus on winning their hearts and worry less about gaining a little weight. You can always lose some afterward but you mustn’t lose the woman.

A picture of a caucasian man kissing a Latina.
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6. Hold them in high regard

Latinas are women with high standards and they don’t want to be disrespected. Although they can be touchy, and affectionate with you, they still want to be respected. Don’t expect that you will be able to bring them to bed on the first date.

They grew up in a religious community and they are taught about keeping relationships sacred, and this is where their high standards stem from. Due to this, they prefer having serious relationships, and they have no time for one-night stands and hookups. Indeed, these women are worthy of your respect and admiration.

If you are thinking about bringing them to bed, you better let go of that thought. Suggest going to a historical site or a religious building to learn more about their history and culture. You’d be amazed at how much they want to you about such things.

7. Keep the communication lines open

What is most important in keeping a relationship healthy and strong is keeping the communication line open. If you have a problem, talk about it. If something’s bothering you, say what it is. There’s no problem, misunderstanding, or argument that cannot be resolved by talking.

But always bear in mind that communication is a two-way street. It involves listening just as much as it does talking (or perhaps even more so). Any Latina woman would love a man who hears her out.

When you listen to her, take time to understand what she is trying to say and where she is coming from. You don’t have to agree with everything that she’s saying, just make her feel that you acknowledge her thoughts and feelings. To her, it shows that you do not just value her but also her whole being, her mind, and her emotions.

8. Be devoted and faithful

Latinas are extremely loyal to their partners. When you are in a relationship with one, expect that you will receive all of their love and support. No matter how difficult life can be, they will never abandon your relationship. They will stand beside you and face all the adversities that life may throw at both of you.

For the same reason, the thing that they hate the most is being betrayed. After all, it goes against their morals and convictions about relationships. So they find it difficult to forgive betrayal and expect that they will make things a lot more difficult for you if ever they discover you betraying their trust.

Make sure that you reassure them of your love always, and show them that you are faithful to them no matter what happens. Let them know that they have your undivided attention. You’ll be amazed at how loyal these women can be.

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9. Don’t take yourself too seriously and just try to have fun

Latinas are fun-loving and spontaneous. You can expect that your dates will be amazing and full of fun moments because they don’t want a boring date. They have great humor and they always have something in mind to make your dates unique and memorable.

If you wish to date them, you should be at least ready to meet their energy. Other than that, they would even take most of their energy to the dance floor. It’s amazing to see how they transform from a seemingly shy woman to a professional dancer the moment they are on the dance floor.

You’ll be shocked at how graceful and amazing they are at dancing famous Latin dances like Salsa, Cha-cha, Merengue, Mambo, and many others!

So when you go out with a Latina, you better be prepared because they will undoubtedly pull you off your seat to dance with them.

All relationships will always have setbacks. Predicaments, challenges, and roadblocks are meant to test your fortitude as a couple not to break you apart.

No amount of tips or any kind of cardinal rule can keep a relationship intact if only one is working to make it work. As they always say: It takes two to tango.

Dating a Latina presents its own unique set of challenges. But if you only work together to keep the fire in your relationship burning, nothing can ever come between your love.

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