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4 Important Reminders to Survive Long Distance Relationships

a woman maintaining a long distance relationship
Maintaining a long distance relationship requires work.

You may have found each other in the same city through mutual friends or in the workplace. You fell in love, dated, and did all of the things that lovers do. One day, the workplace has a job for you in another country, and it’s a request you can’t refuse. You need to relocate far away.

Or maybe you found a beautiful woman on a dating site online. You hit it off so well that you’re contacting each other every day. You simply can’t get enough of each other. But how do you keep it going until you have the chance to meet in person?

You might be thinking how to make a long distance relationship work in these cases.

The go-to for couples these days is digital technology. Of course, you can see your lover’s face smile in real-time. However, it’s only possible through a computer screen. Having her tell you about her day is a pleasure to hear, but you’ll need to put on your headphones.

Despite all of that instantaneous communication you still feel something lacking. You cannot hold her in your arms. Her warmth, a feeling so basic to human intimacy, is lacking. The only senses you can access are sight and hearing.

You are close, yet you remain so far away. How do you survive?

Here are four important things to keep in mind to maintain your long distance relationship.

1. Always maintain simple contact with each other.

Neglect is what kills long-distance relationships. Always greet your significant other with good morning and goodnight every day. If it is your habit to have an audio or video call, do your best to make it happen. Find ways to message each other if there is no time for a call.

There shouldn’t be an excuse for either of you to connect with today’s internet communication. If she doesn’t initiate, take the lead and be the first one to make the greeting or call.

Try to make it a habit that you keep unless an emergency happens. Missing one day can lead to missing the next day. It can add up and deteriorate your relationship over time.

The first fundamental rule of any relationship is that they need to be maintained. Just like a houseplant that needs watering, all of your relationships, romantic or not, need your gestures and presence. Something as simple as a “hello, how are you?” and the succeeding conversation contributes so much to your relationship.

Remember, consistency counts in a relationship. Especially online dating. If you want to know how to have worthwhile conversations with Latina women, click here.

2. Include her in group activities.

Are you meeting up with old friends? You might not be able to bring her to the party, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include her. With the help of your cell phone and the internet, you can easily set it up in a way that will work for long distance relationship couples.

Maybe your entire family is having a grand get-together over the weekend. There’s no reason why she can’t still be a part of it. Being able to communicate with people in real time even if they aren’t physically present wasn’t available during your parent’s or grandparents’ time. It might add to the family reunion.

It might even need to involve a cell phone. There are various web browsers and games that you and all of your friends can interact with. If she’s the competitive type of lady, online games can be a fun way to spend time with all of the people you know.

Make her feel included with others that you love and trust.

3. Schedule meaningful events for both of you.

Set them in priority right next to your usual and simple greetings. Try to plan this out since opportunities always come up to sync online with your loved one. This is different from your group activities since one-on-one interaction is necessary for a relationship.

These can be synchronized sessions like an exercise or yoga session. Maybe it’s a cooking session where one or both of you are cooking. You can also do a spot food review of what you made. You can even schedule sending long distance relationship gifts like roses or teddy bears.

How about taking a walk at the same time even though you might be online in different time zones? One can also be staying at home. If there is a beautiful sunrise on the horizon with natural scenery where you’re, it would be a wonderful moment to share.

4. Meet up in person every chance you get!

a couple in a long distance relationship share a hug.
Always take the opportunity to meet in long distance relationships.

Meet up in person as your relationship depends on it! Is she going to be in town? Negotiate with your boss or do whatever it takes to meet up with her short of getting fired. Do you have a free week and the resources to see her? Make it happen. It can’t be emphasized enough.

The point of maintaining a long distance relationship is to keep the romantic fire alive until the both of you meet in person again and resume consistent in-person relations. So make that your top priority.

There are so many things that you can do in a long distance relationship. However, nothing beats holding your lover’s hand as you walk down the street. A hug will never match one that you do with your camera online. There is a reason there was so much resistance to Covid measures in 2020.

If you see an opportunity to be physically closer together, do whatever it takes to make it happen. If you’re hitting it off well with a Latina single, your best chance is to meet her. Schedule a Latin singles tour to get physically closer.

Maintaining long distance relationships takes work.

Do long distance relationships work? They will if you put in the effort. There’s no other way around it. It all boils down to how consistently you can show your affection. Sometimes you might not want to do it on a particular day because you’re tired, but you need to do what you have to do to keep the relationship alive.

Eventually, one day it will no longer be a long distance relationship. It will be an in-person relationship where you won’t need to rely on technology to keep you together. Until that day happens, you will have to hold out.

Consider these pieces of advice to help you in your long-distance relationship!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
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