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Latina Women | The DONTs When Talking With Latinas

Latina women make the best brides
Learn how to talk to Latina women to make your dream a reality

You may have been dreaming of being with a Latina woman for the rest of your life, but there are many other things to keep in mind first before making that a reality. Here are the absolute DONTs when it comes to talking with Latin women. Best to remember these to increase your chances of winning their heart, especially when you land in Latin America.

Don’t call them “Mami”.

Unless you want to lose your chances of dating and marrying Latina women, don’t ever call them ‘Mami’. It is often associated with catcalling, which is a form of sexual harassment. It is very disrespectful; moreover, it is incredibly weird to call them that because it means ‘mother’. Don’t even get tempted to make a joke about it; they will start running away from you.

Don’t call her anything other than her name.

Just because you have a hard time saying their name, doesn’t mean you have to give up on it and call them by another name. Attempting to use the English version of their name is worse. Keep doing your best on saying their name, and you will be rewarded with a bright smile.

Don’t bring up Pablo Escobar or anything drug-related.

Pablo Escobar and his Medellin Cartel, along with other drug cartels, has brought nothing short of death and disaster in Colombia, if not: the world. Hundreds of thousands involved— innocent or not— can’t be brought back to life. Many Latin American countries are doing their best to bury the past, heal themselves, and move forward. But when the Narcos Series came out, it gave birth to Narco-Tourism and the glorifying of Pablo Escobar and other narco-traffickers. So, don’t ever mention his name and talk about this sensitive topic with Latinas.

Don’t assume they speak Spanish.

Yes, there are Latina women that don’t speak Spanish. They may have seen that shocked face already countless times, and they’re tired of that. They don't need that from you. Spare them, and they’ll appreciate you for it. Instead of assuming, wait for them to have a conversation in Spanish, or tell you themselves. While at it, don’t ever mention the dreadful “You’re not a real Latina”. You wouldn’t want your relationship to have a very bad start!

Don’t assume they’re all spicy or hot-tempered.

Or even telling them that they’re spicy— as if it’s a compliment. Just don’t. Every Latinas have their way of dealing with anger and have different reasons as to why they are. Don’t give her any reason to be spicy or hot-tempered towards you. Watch your every action when you’re around them. Have you said something rude and gross? Did you do anything that’s offensive in their culture? Do yourself a favor and look up the Latin American culture and traditions before talking with these women.

Don’t say “You don’t look Latina”.

There are times when you can’t determine the ethnicity of every person. You may be surprised when you take a DNA test, and the results say you’re genetically diverse. It is considered offensive to Latina women when you tell them that they don’t look like Latinas. Remember, they don’t live to fit what a Latina woman should look like to you. Not only are you decreasing your chances with them, but you are also showing that you’re not well-informed. Latin women love intelligent men. Be sensible enough not to say that. Ever.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
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