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Hero Instinct: What Latina Women Want from Men

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Latinas want someone who can protect them, as it is what they’re used to feeling growing up.

If you help a woman open the doors for her or carry her bags, will she:

  1. Mistake this as an insult to her own capabilities, or

  2. Find you appealing, maybe even sexy?

According to science, it’s the latter. Despite what some of them may believe or say, it appears that women are hard-wired to seek a protector.

They are looking for men who can protect them and make them feel secure, whether physically, emotionally, or financially. Someone to whom they may be vulnerable without feeling the need to seem tough or self-sufficient.

This preference has been defined by psychologists as the product of both environmental conditioning and genetic survival behavior.

It’s genetic because women become mothers, instinctively they seek men who can keep them and their children safe. It’s also a result of environmental conditioning, because our culture has encouraged this attitude by portraying males as strong and powerful in the media.

This is especially true for Latinas.

Latin women grew up in a culture that strictly enforced gender norms. Where the roles for men and women are different. Women are supposed to be nurturers, caring for their families and their homes. And men are in charge of earning money for the family, as well as fighting for and protecting everyone, especially their daughters.

For the most part of her life, a Latina might be comparable to a porcelain doll who is adored and kept secure. Given this is the type of environment she grew up in and had been accustomed to, isn’t it expected that she wants her future partner to be a protector too?

Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why dating a Latina is challenging.

Suitors must meet the expectations of her father, uncles, and even brothers. You must not only consider your woman’s interests and preferences, but also impress and reassure the male members of her family that she will be secure with you.

Luckily, men are made for this! Being a woman’s protector is so natural to you that a word has been coined to describe it.

A photo of a man’s silhouette What is Hero Instinct and how does it help men better appeal to Latinas?

The Hero Instinct

Men dream of becoming superheroes.

Does this mean you want to dress up in capes and rush around the city helping people? Not at all. Hero instinct is men’s innate desire to live a meaningful life, to provide for and protect the people they care about.

Have you ever felt compelled to constantly be there for your partner and ensure that she is safe? Or perhaps have the tiniest impression that it’s appealing every time she asks for your help with the tiniest of matters? Your hero instinct — fundamental male psychology — is this instinctive protectiveness over your lover.

Latina women have been treated like damsels in distress their whole lives, with their fathers always at their sides to watch and protect them. Perhaps this is why so many men are drawn to them, and why so many Latina women are hopeless romantics who need males to always be there to protect them.

However, just because you have this instinct doesn’t imply you’ll be able to find a woman and be the perfect knight or hero for any Latina. Besides, every man possesses this tendency. Being a gentleman, assisting her, these are all fundamental behaviors.

As a result, standing out in a crowd remains a difficult task. But, if you follow these easy tips on how to get a Latina to fall in love with you, you could just be able to beat out the males and win a Latina’s heart.

Help her in any way you can.

Even the tiniest and most basic tasks, such as opening a mason jar or carrying her bag, can be your way of helping her. Even if they are small gestures, any woman will fall in love with you because of your good intentions.

Make an effort to be there for her. This will not only show that you care about her, but it will also give her the comfort that she will never feel alone or helpless being with you.

When women seek help, they are afraid of being judged or thought of as a bother. Make sure she doesn’t feel this way. Instead, show her that she can rely on you by constantly being there for her, ready to assist her, even if it’s only over trivial matters.

Introduce her to your family and maybe your friends.

Allowing her to meet your parents and family says a lot about how sure you are of her. When a relationship already involves allowing these individuals into each other’s lives, it becomes more serious and official.

Women value this gesture so much because it assures them that:

  1. you have nothing to hide from her,

  2. you are not ashamed to be with her, and

  3. going to all this trouble implies you are certain the relationship will last.

It takes a hero to be able to put up hours of introductions, being the center of everyone’s entertainment, and pointless jokes all for your partner to feel secure about your relationship.

Become a good listener.

Women desire to be with someone whom they can open their heart to. Both men and women won’t want to be around someone who is apathetic and unwilling to take a few minutes or hours out of their day to listen and offer a shoulder to cry on.

Isn’t this why we’re in relationships in the first place? So that we have someone to lean on, who can keep us company and give us strength and encouragement when things get tough?

Latinas want someone who will not shut them up when they’re talking about their problems, even if they accidentally start rambling in their mother tongue. No matter how insignificant the issue appears to be, or even if you have no idea what the issue is, make sure you are there for her to lend an ear and a shoulder.

A photo of a man and a woman hugging
It’s no secret that when it comes to Latinas making them feel secure is one way to their hearts.

And lastly, don’t take her for granted

What exactly does it mean to take her for granted, anyway?

Simply, women want to be validated.

Validate her feelings so she doesn’t feel as though she’s being taken for granted.

It might be as easy as a verbal affirmation or a simple compliment, such as expressing your I love yous, Thank yous, and I’m sorrys. This is especially true if you’re only a few days into your courtship or relationship. Make genuine gestures toward her to indicate or remind her of your actual intention: to make her happy and special.

Taking her out on dates or simply spending time with her at home might mean a lot to her. Doing this much for her will make her feel loved and cared for, allowing you to keep a good connection with her.

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