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Stop Believing THIS About Dating Latina Women

A photo of a woman holding up a slate board
Media stereotyping has adverse effects especially when it comes to dating Latinas. | Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

What do Latinas in Hollywood films have in common with Buffalo wings?

You might be sitting right now, looking at this question, wondering what the answer is, because there isn’t any, right?

However, there is.

The majority of people like them spicy. The Latina or even the Latin American on television with her seductive, hot-tempered character, and Buffalo wings with their cayenne pepper

Spicy Latina

She often appears in films as a tough cop or an alien-fighting soldier with a temper. And when they’re not battling aliens or bad guys, they’re these gorgeous spitfires who enjoy showing off their curves as much as they love intimacy.

The spicy Latina trope, as film fans call it, is a woman who is both impulsive and destructive, has a sharp tongue, and speaks her mind. These negative hispanic stereotypes are already perpetuated by the mainstream media, and as users, we accept them without question.

Although this portrayal may appear harmless at first because it seems like a compliment — after all, who wouldn’t want to be referred to as some of the sexiest people in the media — it has a negative impact on Latinas.

Especially when it comes to falling in love.

Stereotyping in the media has consequences.

If you think of temptresses with beach wave long brunettes, red lipstick on, and above all are very intimate when you hear the words "Latina women," you might be right for a limited percentage of Latinas or you might actually be stereotyping.

That doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s impossible to avoid, especially when it’s what we’re exposed to. These stereotypes turned expectations, on the other hand, are not only frustrating but also exhausting for them to bear.

So, think about why you’re dating Latinas. Is it because of all of these misconceptions? And if it is, you might end up getting upset when your standards aren’t fulfilled. Or you might end up offending her by forcing such assumptions on her.

A photo of a Latina woman
Latinas are spicy but not in the way the media is painting them to be. | Photo by Judeus Samson on Unsplash

What is a Spicy Latina

  1. She is exotic

Again, don’t be fooled if some of these stereotypes might seem like compliments.

While some Latinas enjoy being called exotic, the rest of them would most likely leave you for good if they hear it from you.

For starters, they’re sick of hearing it.

Two, they are fetishized as a result of it.

Finally, some might think it is insulting.

As a matter of fact, they have said that seeing the term being tossed around carelessly makes them feel like they’re from a completely different race.

They aren’t even quite as “exotic” as people portray them to be. Sure, they’re of a different race. They have different rituals and practices, but at the end of the day, they are still humans and are as equally unique as everyone else.

Why do we highlight their racial differences instead of appreciating them as people? So, if you’re considering dating Latinas because they’re “exotic,” think twice before telling them.

Bonus tip: Instead of saying she’s exotic, how about stating that she’s unlike any other girl you’ve ever met. Just as cliché, sure, but with a stronger ring to it.

Rather than emphasizing a typical misconception, let alone one that may be insulting, focus on how she differs from your previous relationships. Everyone is different. And the fact that you noticed her uniqueness would undoubtedly make her heart skip a beat.

  1. She is sexy

It’s gratifying to be told sexy. It’s a compliment, and we all appreciate it. However, if you’re overly sexualized, it can be more irritating than satisfying.

Film stereotypes teach us to hypersexualize Latinas — to believe that they are equal to sex or the oozing sex appeal by exaggerating latina body characteristics on films and more commonly than not, sexualize them.

And because of this — since the media depicts them as intimacy-crazed women — they are often reduced to mere objects of sexual desire.

They’re much more than that.

“I should be flattered when people say I’m sexy or beautiful. But it would make me even happier if people could see beyond sexy because there’s a lot to me than that.”

-Salma Hayek

Yes, Latinas are sexy in their own right. On a dating site, you could come across one and see how they use it as a charm. But they aren’t just that. They’re smart, hardworking, and above all, are great considerate partners, not just bed warmers.

  1. She is VERY feminine

High heels, lipstick, and hoop earrings are most commonly used by the media to dress Latina characters up, in order to portray femininity and nothing more.

Although there’s nothing wrong with dressing up, and they do like clothes, but what the media does is portray them as high-maintenance. Some people like shopping for clothes and other products, while others like to keep it simple.

Also, when it comes to relationships, the way women look should not be a major concern. Unless, of course, she’s irrationally emptying your pockets because of it.

Get rid of the stereotype that Latinas are ultra-feminine and high-maintenance, because if this is keeping you from approaching them for potential dates, you’re missing out.

  1. She is hot-tempered

Latinas in movies are sometimes depicted as jealous, possessive, and the type to yell nonsensical Spanish words when enraged. In some ways, this trait can be endearing and adds to their long list of charms, and some men like being around feisty women.

However, as they’re often shown as having no boundaries when it comes to the physical and verbal expressions of their anger — being violent when angry — they can be easily painted in a negative light.

Latinas are passionate by nature, which is why they say dating a latina is not for the weak. You should accept them for who they are: spunky, frank, and emotional. This information about them would undoubtedly brighten and enliven your life.

We all get envious of others. We’re all a little possessive at times. We all show our frustrations in different ways. When Latinas are angry, they don’t go overboard and become destructive. This is just a general myth about them, fueled by the media’s portrayal of their characters.

A photo of two Latinas smiling at the camera
Don’t simply believe what the media says about Latinas, or you’ll miss out how great they are. | Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Latinas are more than just spicy.

Although films are gradually diversifying and becoming more authentic in their portrayals of Latinas, stereotypes created by previous films still remain. What you should do now is learn how to break free from these stereotypes.

They’re just like every other woman, with the exception that they’re very self-assured and open about their feelings.

Don’t make broad generalizations based on what you see in the newspapers. This way you will definitely overlook the endless benefits of dating a latina and limit the chances of dating a wonderful lady this way.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
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